Established in 2013, to operate in the renewable energy and "Telecommunications" sector. It produces the cheapest energy in the cheapest way with the highest efficiency, the methods and quality products.


To determine the needs and expectations by ensuring unconditional customer satisfaction.


To meet customer demands and legal requirements and to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level


To realize our work within the framework of the objectives


Proceed in a reliable and respectable line, not to compromise accuracy


To expand the scope of its activities and to offer innovations to our customers


Continuous training of our employees to increase efficiency in service


Without keeping going with maintaining our current situation  adopting continuous improvement at every point.


To be the industry's leading companies, we take our role with Turkey renewable energy sector, adding value with investments, engineering and installation activities.


As Solena Energy, we aim to ensure sustainable development and transfer the same vision to the next generations by prioritizing the efficient use of natural resources.


Contribute to clean energy production


Promote the efficient use of energy


To draw attention to the importance of renewable energy sources


Developing social responsibility projects




Obtaining permissions and process management


Budget plan and capacity studies


Schematic design


Design development


Preparation of application project


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